Wiccian dating sites

14-Nov-2017 14:03

Focus on those things and not on the thing that you have in common.

Also, most religions, after learning much about them, have quite the similar There is bound to be something that will intrigue your partner or make him or her uncomfortable.

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I think the major adjustment would have to come from the other person, meaning, the non-Wiccan.

Being in a relationship, you are bringing together two people who do not agree on every little or big thing. Without it, the world would be a very lonely place for everyone.

In many mixed-faith relationships, the goal is not to have your partner convert to your beliefs or to choose one religion that you both believe in, the goal is to often just to have respect and understanding.

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I mean on Wicca’s end, its ethical foundation is that you abide by the Wiccan Rede and the Threefold Law.

Compromise is meeting halfway and respecting the differences we may have with other people.

If you intend to invest your time in this person, you are bound to talk about your beliefs.

As much as you want your partner to learn about Wicca, you should also do the same yourself.

Pick up the Quran or Bible and really be interested in something your partner values.

And this usually comes out in the early dating stage.