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is ashley tisdale dating simon rex Generally, people my age are not auditioning for new friends or new partners. Simon Rex dating history, , , list of Simon Rex relationships. Paris and Simon dated briefly in , but they enjoyed some on/off action in the years following their split. However, way before this, Simon Rex was widely praised and given film with Ashley Tisdale and even a cameo from crazy 'Kat Williams'.When he started at MTV, Rex was assigned to the best possible time slot, 3 to 4 p.m. I had overnight fame and attention, like in 0 to 60 seconds—it was a trip. The best possible pre-social media way of networking, it was old-school,” he remembers.Post-audition, Van Sant informed him that it was the worst audition he’s ever seen and Matt Damon agreed.he Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Mariam comitissam Trecensum et Aelidem comitissam Blesensem" as the two daughters of "regi Francie Ludovico" and his wife "Alienor Guilielmi filia comits Pictavorum et Aquitanie ducis"Her parentage is confirmed by Matthew Paris, who specifies that Marie was the older sister and married the older brother "Henricus filius magni comitis Theodbaldi Flandrensis", although he does not state her name.She was regent of Champagne during the absence of her husband on Crusade 1179-1181, during the minority of her son Henri II 1181-1187, during the latter's absence on Crusade 1190-1197, and during the minority of her grandson Thibaut III 1197-1198.During his rule, Champagne became a centre of commerce.

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He succeeded his father in 1152 as HENRI I "le Libral" Comte de Champagne et de Brie.

With his adorable little dog Duane at his side, Rex spoke with me at his Hollywood Hills home about his time at MTV, his brand, and self-philosophy. One of the most poignant was his segment with the late Tupac Shakur. It was him just talking the entire time; he was super-cool.” Shakur expressed his desire to end the West Coast versus East Coast dispute that marked rap music in the ’90s, saying, “It’s between me and a couple of people.” Until only recently the interview had been lost in the MTV archives.