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26-Jan-2018 21:04

When the writers or showrunners insert these small moments, especially to tease the potential inclusion of the LGBTQ community, that's where we hit a problem.

This, inevitably, leads to what's known as shipping: when the sexual tension between two characters becomes so apparent, and so palpable, we spend every episode hoping they'll finally surrender to their love. This can become especially problematic in one scenario: when a ship occurs between two characters of the same sex.

At this point, the writers might begin deliberately inserting moments that are meant to drive fans crazy.

until the showrunners start to take note and use the information to their advantage.

Here it is not a remark but a caption on a photograph that unhinges a guy who although clearly highly intelligent is not exactly good looking, and is somewhat lacking in social skills, not to mention short tempered.

Okay, this dude is not just mad, he's insane because there are better things to do with a houseful of nubile young things than murder them, but if this tale has a moral it is never be unkind to anyone, even by accident.

Actually, it wasn't that cruel, but stranger things have happened in real life.

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The CW's Riverdale is the latest in the long list of shows that have committed this crime.With so few openly queer characters on TV, we queer fans are desperate to find representation.