Should you be friends before dating someone

11-Oct-2017 11:18

You should probably have at least four or five dates under your belts.

I have to agree with a previous poster and go for C; I'll meet them any time and any place.

if that's what she wants then i'm fine meeting friends right away.

It went well and her friends liked me, but it was still something that should've been held off for a couple weeks.

I'd like to be introduced as a boyfriend so there's an understanding that I already have my place in the lady's life. It's hard to put a time frame on these things, it depends more on how well you know the girl than for how long.

That's what I'd feel most at ease with, others may feel different. Personally, I would prefer to meet them in passing once or twice before any sort of group outing, and that would likely be the way she met my friends (unless we arranged something else between us).

For me, if I felt rushed with meeting someone's friends and/or family, I'd be a little put off by that. I'm the guy you phuck when you're tired of the "cluckety-cluck".

Reason being, I wouldn't be able to help having the impression that this is a person who isn't used to calling their own shots in life, and needs the people in her life to approve of her romantic choices. It depends on how cool her friends are, and if she's using them to judge whether I'm good enough or not. Personally, I don't ever want a girl I'm dating to meet my buddies, not because they'll judge her, but mostly because she will judge me based on a group of friends I have had since Jr. But unfortunately they'll be invited to the wedding too (if I ever meet "the one") so it's inevitable.

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