Russian dating with icq Sex chat without using any cards or money

15-Sep-2017 03:05

After no more than 30 days I realized this relationship wasn't to be. I thought the best way to get over this relationship was to start a new one.

I found a couple of American dating websites, and posted my profile.

I met a few women online, met a few of those in person, but no sparks.

The pretty women on these sites have hundreds of letters from guys. And, many details are obscured in these sites and in the way American women post their information. One thing I found that surprised me was that I got some letters from women from Russia.

She was quite wonderful in a different way than I had expected.

She spoke English fairly well, and her personality was fantastic!

She spoke very little English, but I could tell, she was a little shy and very sweet. I was interested to see Russia, and especially with the opportunity of meeting and spending time with this pretty young thing. This all transpired in a period of about 1 month (October 2001) from the time I met her online until I was at the airport in Moscow.

I made my way through customs, and waiting for me was this drop-dead beautiful girl who had traveled 24 hours by train to meet me.

My relationship with my first girlfriend advanced, and we had a great time together. But with the new girl, I had a totally awesome time!

I was very impressed with the quality of the few Russian girls that wrote to me, and this whole new world that I hadn't even thought about.

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