Red flags for guy you are dating dating a man who works on wall street

30-Sep-2017 21:51

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If you’re not dieting, tell him to go F himself and/or order you your own pizza.“I feel like I’m self absorbed while also self deprecating,” said Reddit user gurudingo.One Redditor asked the men of Reddit, “What are YOUR red flags that girls should look out for? You’ve def made the mistake of ignoring some of these red flags in the past.“Sometimes when I order a pizza I’ll save the big slices with lots of toppings on them for me and I’ll give her the smaller ones with less toppings,” said Reddit user Albino Hessian.“I have a temper that I’ve got way better about controlling, but it’s definitely still there. When I drink I get drunk af…[I have] no idea why women are attracted to me.” You’ve probs got a great body…

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So, taking others’ advice, I gave those losers a shot — only to get horribly burned and blamed for not noticing it all later.

(I work freelance, sometimes I go out of state for a few months),” said Reddit user James Derecho. But if you’re looking for a one-way ticket to settle down town, you might want to avoid this type of dude.