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Landslide Lyrics I took my love and took it down I climbed a mountain, I turned around And I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill'til a landslide brought it down Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love? For you emails, chat rooms, messenger services along with aimless web browsing dominate substantial portion of your workdays.

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You can also select your choice of airline – even using multiple airlines for the same return trip, as well as airport and seating class, increase your baggage allowances and add on other optional extras.

Wow, flash back to junior high, Kirsten Hubbard and I sitting on her bedroom floor, surrounded by bongo drums, Smashing Pumpkins CD inserts and the stereo, which was blasting which ever song we decided to analyze at that moment.

I figured at that time that tearing apart lyrics and relating them to our angsty lives was a passing teenage phase but even now, at 24, I find myself getting lost in the comfort of lyrics and still relating them to real life.....maybe it makes me feel better to know that someone, somewhere at some point in time felt (or at least wrote down) the same things I do.

So, true to form, I turned on a bit of Smashing Pumpkins. I'm hoping with everything I hold deep inside of me that this landslide will bring down my own reflection in the snow and that I can change and grow once I realize that no one is flawless, no one should be put above or thought of as all-knowing, smarter, wiser, better than me because we (even parents) are growing, getting older, trying to handle the seasons of their own lives.

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It's time to unbuild my life around them and live my own life, worry about my own things.... reading this and writing it makes me feel SO silly.

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