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At the October meeting of the Newark Library Association, before referred to, the board continued their policy and directed the treasurer to make no 6 MEETING IN TRENTON.

Notwithstanding this fact, the committee obtained still more transfers dur- ing the Summer, until at the present time they hold eighty four shares duly assigned to the society with the affidavit and bond attached.

Coe, the Recording Secretary, read the minutes of the last meeting. Theodore Runyon, Ambassador of the United States to Germany, and for many years Chancellor of New Jersey, and we would bear witness to his un- blemished character and high ability. Thus the committee was brought face to face with the fact, that after hav- ing complied strictly with all the requirements of the Newark Library Asso- ciation, and after said Library Association had established the precedent that the method proposed by themselves was satisfactory and ample, that they were unwilling to take further action and left on our hands untransf erred these shares.

Weeks to draft appropriate resolutions, who subsequently reported the following minute, which was ordered to be entered on the records: The New Jersey Historical Society desires to give expression to the uni- versal sorrow felt throughout our State at the sudden death of the Hon. [j AN.,1896 further transfers of missing certificates, but that any one so desiring might obtain legal redress in the courts.

He had been connected with this Society since 1851, and in recognition of his valuable services to our State and nation, we ask that this tribute be en- tered upon the minutes of this Society. We therefore submit our report without recommendations, leaving it to the judgment of the Society whether they desire the subject shall be prose- cuted further.

His appointment as minister to German}', coming to him without any solicitation, was received by him with expressions of modesty and surprise, betokening a simplicity and honesty of character. As the disposition of the Library building will undoubtedly be determined in the near future, we confidently believe that we will either obtain it for our home or such a sum as will be more than sufficient to provide us with such a building as will more than meet our fullest expectations. The following members were elected: Resident Members.

1, was addressed to every stockholder in the Newark Library Association. Bell, Red Bank, Moses Bigelow, Jr., Newark, Samuel F.

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After repeated requests for action by them, they finally appointed a committee of their directors to draw up some such document, and when completed submitted it to us in printed form — a copy of which will be found hereto attached, stating that if it was duly executed by the reputed owner they would issue the new certificates, which could then be transferred in the regular way. This resulted in the receipt of so many more communications that we felt much encouraged and began at once to obtain the actual transfers of those shares which had been promised to us as a gift, so that by March, 1895, we had received by gift over one hundred shares and held in addition an option on one hundred shares more at par, and in order to put ourselves in funds to buy this last hundred shares the committee issued a further circular ad- dressed to fifty or more of the most prominent citizens of the State asking for their cash contributions to take up this hundred shares.