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14-Oct-2017 22:36

Nonetheless, intermarriage is making its mark in the Asian American community.The figure from the Census Bureau chart below reports that among the six major Asian American ethnic groups in 2000, Japanese Americans had the highest proportion of their total population that are in combination with at least one more Asian ethnic group (i.e., Japanese-Chinese) or with at least one other race (i.e., Japanese-White) at over 30%.Also, Filipino Americans and Chinese Americans are also more likely to intermarry with Whites, again with all other things being equal.Further, Asian American men tho who turned 18 years of age in 1985 or later are also more likely to intermarry with Whites.

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In addition, Asian American women of Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese ancestry, those who are homeowners, those who are paid employees (as opposed to owning their own business), and those who turned 18 from 1970-1984 are also more likely to intermarry with Whites.Conversely, Vietnamese Americans have the lowest such rates, which makes sense because they are the most recently arrived Asian ethnic group and it is likely to take more time for them to become ‘maritally assimilated.’ Sociologists and psychologists like to ask why Asian Americans choose to intermarry with Whites.

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