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07-Dec-2017 09:17

Once a user downloads the app, they are asked to verify their identity.

To ensure transparency, all users have to share details about their disability ("physical, mental, learning") or health disorder, the medical assistance they require, any cure, and their level of independence.

"While I had tried several matrimonial websites, I couldn't find the right person," of Inclov, said.

"Many have restricted social lives, and don't get a chance to meet to interact with a lot of people.

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Multani speaks of how she had to fight many battles and prejudices to get to where she is."Men, even if disabled, can get a match, but women face a lot of difficulties," Multani says. Many find it difficult to get married and educated or are tortured by their families because they can't work.Inclov was founded as an offline matchmaking agency by 23-year-old Kalyani Khona in 2014. The two wanted to work for people with disabilities, and realised that there was little being done outside employment, especially in the area of companionship.