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If the secondary participant to an offence committed abroad acted within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, German criminal law shall apply to the secondary participation even though the act is not a criminal offence according to the law of the locality of its commission.table of contents This law shall apply to offences committed by juveniles and young adults unless the Juvenile Courts Act provides otherwise.table of contents Section 11Definitions1.‘relative’ means any member of the following category of persons:(b)foster parents and foster children;(a)they are civil servants or judges;(c)have otherwise been appointed to serve with a public authority or other agency or have been commissioned to perform public administrative services regardless of the organisational form chosen to fulfil such duties;4.‘persons entrusted with special public service functions’ means any person who, without being a public official, is employed by, or is acting for(b)an association or other union, business or enterprise, which carries out public administrative services for a public authority or other agency,5.‘unlawful act’ exclusively means an act that fulfils all the elements of a criminal provision;7.‘public authority’ also means a court;9.‘consideration’ means any material benefit given in exchange for someone’s acts.(3) Audiovisual media, data storage media, illustrations and other depictions shall be equivalent to written material in the provisions which refer to this subsection.table of contents(1) Felonies are unlawful acts punishable by a minimum sentence of one year’s imprisonment.(3) Aggravations or mitigations provided for under the provisions of the General Part, or under especially serious or less serious cases in the Special Part, shall be irrelevant to this classification.table of contents FIRST TITLEFOUNDATIONS OF CRIMINAL LIABILITYtable of contents(1) Whosoever fails to avert a result which is an element of a criminal provision shall only be liable under this law if he is responsible under law to ensure that the result does not occur, and if the omission is equivalent to the realisation of the statutory elements of the offence through a positive act.

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In addition, ancillary penalties and measures (section 11(1) No 8) must or may be imposed if one of the applicable laws so requires or allows.table of contents(1) If a person has committed more than one offence, all of which are to be adjudicated at the same time, and incurred more than one sentence of imprisonment or more than one fine, an aggregate sentence shall be imposed.(3) If the offender, pursuant to a law according to which section 43a is applicable or under the terms of section 52(4), has as one of the individual sentences incurred imprisonment for life or a fixed term of more than two years, the court may impose a confiscatory expropriation order in addition to the aggregate sentence formed pursuant to subsections (1) or (2) above; if in such cases a confiscatory expropriation order is to be imposed for more than one offence, an aggregate expropriation order shall to that extent be imposed. Section 54Fixing of aggregate sentence(2) The aggregate sentence shall be less than the sum of the individual sentences.

In doing so, it shall typically base its calculation on the actual average one-day net income of the offender or the average income he could achieve in one day.

A daily unit shall not be set at less than one and not at more than thirty thousand euros.(4) The number and amount of the daily units shall be indicated in the decision.table of contents If the offender through the commission of the offence enriched or tried to enrich himself, a fine which otherwise would not have been provided for or only in the alternative may be imposed in addition to imprisonment if this appears appropriate taking into consideration the personal and financial circumstances of the offender.

The minimum term of imprisonment for default of payment shall be one day.table of contents Section 43a Confiscatory expropriation order(2) Section 42 shall apply mutatis mutandis.—Ancillary penalty—table of contents(1) If a person has been sentenced to imprisonment or to a fine for an offence committed in connection with the driving of a motor-vehicle or in violation of the duties of a driver of a motor-vehicle, the court may impose a ban prohibiting him from driving any class of motor-vehicle or a specific class on public roads for a period of from one to three months.

A driving ban shall typically be imposed in cases of a conviction under section 315c(1) No 1(a), (3) or section 316 unless a disqualification order has been made under section 69.(3) If a driving licence is to be kept in official safekeeping or the driving ban to be endorsed on a foreign driving licence, the duration of the ban shall be calculated from the day that those conditions have been complied with.Section 24Withdrawal(2) If more than one person participate in the offence, the person who voluntarily prevents its completion shall not be liable for the attempt.

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