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12-Oct-2017 13:48

The cable provider also said that not many subscribers even watched Yankees games. Over 90% of our 900,000 plus customers who receive YES Network didn’t watch the equivalent of even one quarter of those (130) games (on YES) during the season,” Comcast said days after the blackout started.

“Even while the Yankees were in the hunt for a playoff berth.” Yankees President Randy Levine responded by telling the Daily News the blackout was a “typical gutless act by a cable carrier seeking to promote its own self-interest.” Raissman: Comcast takes shot at Yankees in dispute The first Yankees program Comcast subscribers will be able to watch in 2017 is on March 31 at 7: 30 p.m.

What I fail to understand is if he is a non-technical supervisor, how is he qualified to answer these types of questions, let alone instruct others?

Further more, all he was able to do was reiterate what Janet had told me, which is what he told her.

It's like Christmas when you find your lost wallet, right? We examine channel lineups often to offer the best content available.

-MB I'll be sure to pass on your feedback about Weatherscan.

I tried fixing it locally on my end first, by restarting my computer and resetting my modem and router among a few other fixes that usually work.I know it's inconvenient but recording the show is the only real solution.Yankees fans who have Comcast can breathe a sigh of relief.I have also called and left a message with the executive customer service department, office of the President (215.640.8960), without response.

The following, is what transpired happened yesterday I called the 800 number and navigated my way to the the transfer service department. I first asked him if I moved and took Comcast with me, would I be eligible to receive the free 19″ HD TV offer that is currently being advertised in the Philadelphia area. We then proceeded to verify addresses, and set up the appointment time for the tech to arrive at the new address to set everything up.The blackout — which at times featured both parties publicly bashing one another — left Yankees fans that subscribe to Comcast in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania (more than 900,000 households) with no way to watch any Bombers games, or any other YES Network programs, in the 2016 season through the cable provider's services.

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