Christian dating engagement marriage

19-Nov-2017 12:58

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A growing body of testimony provides practical insights and understanding into the methods by which courtship advocates have deployed the universal principles of courtship into unique circumstances, such as when one of the parties has been abused or neglected by their parents or when they are older than typical marrying age.

A Christian engagement should reflect the fact that marriage is a God-created, God-ordained institution meant to support individuals in a loving relationship and strengthen them to serve God and others.

The emphasis shouldn't be on the ceremony, which may only last a few minutes, but on practical and relational matters that will ensure the marriage is strong.

A good premarital counselor will cover finances, housing, expectations of roles, and especially how childhood families create paradigms that can be completely foreign to the other partner.

They would have the marriage ceremony, the families would party, and the bride would become a member of the groom's family.Once a couple has either resolved or agreed to accept the big issues in each other's lives, they can make the commitment to work toward marriage.