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14-Jul-2017 02:06

Before recorded history, humans constructed earthen mounds, stone circles, megaliths, and structures that often puzzle modern-day archaeologists.Prehistoric architecture includes monumental structures such as Stonehenge, cliff dwellings in the Americas, and thatch and mud structures lost to time.In Italy, the Baroque style is reflected in opulent and dramatic churches with irregular shapes and extravagant ornamentation.In France, the highly ornamented Baroque style combines with Classical restraint., which defined column styles and entablature designs, continue to influence building design in modern times.

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Although our timeline lists dates, historic periods do not start and stop at precise points on a calendar.

A reaction against the Modernist approaches gave rise to new buildings that re-invented historical details and familiar motifs.

Look closely at these architectural movements and you are likely to find ideas that date back to classical and ancient times.

Majestic structures in lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea have influenced buildings throughout the world.

Let's trace the history of architecture in the Western world, beginning with the first known structures made by humans up to the soaring skyscrapers of the modern era.Also known as Beaux Arts Classicism, Academic Classicism, or Classical Revival, Beaux Arts architecture is characterized by order, symmetry, formal design, grandiosity, and elaborate ornamentation.

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