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05-Dec-2017 14:19

If you think better, we can say that things are not so simple and banal, and the relationship with a man is not built on just one. With the spacecraft, flying with a rocket that leaves no one is around and there is nothing, and does not spare the feelings of others.The man - never stops, it is always important to remain in activity.Because if a man stops, he feels completely unnecessary and aging.A man who is able to stop this is a very rare species, and such men are usually the representatives of creative professions: writers, poets, artists, photographers.As a rule, before a man acquainted with his chosen, or even during the meeting he also perceives a woman as another curious obstacle that must be overcome.

Each ordinary strong rough man, as a rule, live in a constant struggle.

As a fellow fighter in this fight a man looking for a woman.

Fighting men friends for supremacy with rivals for business customers and the opportunity to prove he's the best.

If a military man is such a struggle becomes a very different real character, but there are strong women in relationships with men who serve in the army or in the police every day can keep fervor and anger of these men.

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But most of the other women because they are arranged in such a way as to be able to find peace in any situation and understand her violent and angry man's character, as a rule, very difficult.

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